A Reiki Master

To understand what and who a Reiki Master is, let’s step back for a moment and define what Reiki is. The term Reiki has Japanese roots and can be basically described as Life Force Energy. Truly, Reiki implies universal intelligence or Higher Power while Ki which is pronounced as “chi” translates into energy. A Japanese specialist by the name of Makao Usui rediscovered this antiquated healing art. Said that he rediscovered it because he didn’t invent this technique however it was delivered to him. After Dr. Usui’s demise, his disciples continued with its practice, and it has as of now been taught to numerous people from varying cultures and generations. Thus a Reiki Master plays a major role in the healing and teaching this art to so many people.

Reiki Master Mikao Usiu

Reiki Master Mikao Usiu

An Introduction of the Reiki Master

A Reiki Master is someone who has devoted energy and time to the learning and studying the healing technique known as Reiki. His studies earned him progressive degrees significant to his evolving skills in healing self and others, and in teaching others Reiki. For you to be qualified as a teacher, the Reiki healer need demonstrate his proficiency in executing the techniques at each level. Only then, he will be permitted to move on to the studying of the master Level.
To study with the goal to end up a Reiki Master, one needs to feel the calling to help other people, to teach this healing art, also to be willing to accept the responsibility that accompanies this position. In addition, the expert must be a mentor which implies a great deal progressively that being a teacher. He must act as a tutor, an initiator, a guide and above all as a support system for students who has also felt this calling as well. A Reiki Master is affirmed to teach the approach and techniques to adjust students into this healing art.

What are the Reiki Master Skills?

In order to be a Reiki mentor, a person must have particular skills and traits related to spiritual healing. One essential skill is communication. He should know how to appropriately communicate with the patient; he should help the patient let go of anything that could keep him from accepting the benefits of Reiki.
Empathy is basic as well. A student can’t turn to an effective healer except he is able to feel or relate with the patient’s worries. Sympathy is another essential trait. This empowers the master to put himself in the shoes of the patient that moment.
The healing genuinely begins when the healer understands as well relates to the emotional dilemma of the patient. To do this, he ought to be a good listener, as listening to the patient’s worries is the initial step to set up rapport and the fundamental trust for the patient to let go and allow Reiki in.

How does a Reiki Master use Life Energy?

Knowing how to utilize Life Energy is not just about obtaining the data, but acknowledging Reiki treatment as a benefit. The master ought to treat Life Energy with the outmost respect. Once the immensity of this intense energy and its advantages are made cognizant, the master is in a superior position to utilize the energy to help both others and himself heal.

It is very essential to note that the energy is not taken from the master to be given to the patient. The master is the channel for the energy to stream towards the target. The attention of the master ought to be focused in the specific region that needs healing and the energy ought to be directed to that area.
The energy is driven from the Life Force through the aim and the hand positions of the healer. Likewise, the symbols play an important role in the formation of the energy. There are many symbols but this four are general to all modalities. Every one of them generates an exact kind of energy. This energy made is then used with a particular goal; for instance, it can be utilized for healing aches, anxiety relief, stress release, pains, and other ailments.

Some Reiki symbols are as follows:

  1. Sei He Ki: This symbol is known for passionate healing, balancing and clearing. Sei He Ki works with mental and physical infection, fear, anger, relationship issues, depression, to enhance ones memory, and to clear a room from pessimism.
  2. Dai Ko Myo: This is the master symbol. It means intelligence and wisdom and is the Light of Buddha. This symbol is used to awaken the soul and heal.
  3. Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen: This symbol transmits Reiki energy and is beneficial to Reiki distance healing.
  4. Cho Ku Rei: This symbol speaks to control. When this symbol is used during a Reiki treatment, energy flow is increased. This symbol is to be used during a healing session, and advances healing in the body.

Despite the fact that there are various kinds of Reiki Master Symbols, these 4 are crucial to the student prior to their Reiki self attunement. When used effectively, these symbols increase Reiki treatments and permit the person to have a much more strengthening Reiki session, maybe they are performing on themselves or on others.