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Anyone Can Practice Reiki

Need to find a way to relieve your stress? Have you tried reading, laying down and nothing you do seems to help?

There is a special healing technique called Reiki promotes healing and it is also a stress reducer. Reiki is derived from an ancient Japan form of healing that says an invisible energy force is within us.

The Origins of Reiki

It is believed to have started thousands of years ago in Tibet and after a period of time, the true Reiki techniques were lost. Then in the 1800’s, a Dr in Japan reawakened the lost methods.

It was then passed on to generation of Reiki Masters. It was then brought to different places of the world in the 1970’s.

There are different forms of Reiki that are in practice today. If you have a low energy source, then you probably feel stress and you might even be ill. The counter to that is if you have a high energy force, then you are most likely full of life and feeling great.

Guidance by a Reiki Master

Reiki in Japanese means “God’s Wisdom” and “Life Force
Energy”. It treats your mind, body and soul. You can learn how to use Reiki by taking a class with a Reiki Master.

You need to learn the special techniques to gather the ability to use this powerful relaxation method. Your Reiki master becomes a passageway to transfer the energy from them to you. The energy that will move through you will put you back into balance.

The Reiki instructor will place his or her hands on the person that is in need to healing, and the energy will then be transferred from them to you. The master will then bring enough energy that is needed into its student. They keep a space between them and you and it is the masters job to transfer that new energy. They have different hand positions they use over their Reiki student.

It is said this will have a positive effect on your whole self. Having positive thoughts is believed in Reiki to bring you good fortune and good health. If you have negative thoughts,
will bring you discomfort, stress and illness.

Reiki is for Everybody

Anyone can practice Reiki who is willing to be committed to it. Many of thought of Reiki as a different kind of religion, but it is not. Whether you practice religion or not, you do not need to believe in any type of religion to use Reiki.

The idea of Reiki is to heal people and even objects that are in disarray with positive flows of energy. Before starting to practice Reiki, be sure to consult your physician, especially if you suffer from major injuries or illnesses.

Many people have said Reiki is very effective. The transfer of energy through touch is an amazing experience. You can find a Reiki master through the internet. There are not many places where you can find one, but if you have a Reiki master in your area, go and have the experience of a lifetime.

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