Cho Ku Rei – The Reiki Power Symbol

In Reiki traditions the Cho Ku Rei power symbol is used for increasing the power of Reiki that emanate from the hands. This symbol symbolizes the earth which sustains all living things.  With this symbol we can send a strong energy aiming mostly on shapes (Physical/solids).

Earth has rhythm and consciousness which programmed into human body, our body is like a mirror image of the earth itself and our body is influenced by the earth rhythm constantly.  As an example, our average breathing rate is around 18 times per minute which is the same as the rhythm of the ocean waves.  When our body do not get in tune with the earth’s rhythm, we may get sick or having some misfortunes events.  That’s explaining why we often get misfortunes when we get sick.

Therefore, this first symbol is used to make our body’s vibrations back to its original and healthy rhythm. In summary, this symbol symbolizes:

  • The Earth.
  • The Land.
  • The Power.
  • Focus and raising power.

Visible things/ effect of this symbol:

  • Revitalize and bring back the original function of the body.
  • Energize first and second chakra.

The Cho Ku Rei symbol connects us to the universal energy in an instant; therefore we can draw a lot of energy in an instant also. It is interesting to notice that this symbol may change bad event from occurring, it seems bad events that happened to us are due to inharmonious energy around us, with this symbol we are able to purify our energy system instantly and prevent bad events happening to us.

As this symbol revitalizes your first and second chakra, which are your creativity energy source, you may raise your creativity to its degree you will never imagine before. In addition, your creativity is accompanying by a focus mind, which make your creative expression seem naturally manifested.

Reiki Power Symbol: Cho Ku Rei

How to use the Reiki Symbol Cho Ku Rei:

  1. Draw the first symbol with your finger in the air (or on an object), then repeat the first Kotodama for three times and then send Reiki energy by putting your hands over the symbol. You may also hold your palms together and imagine the symbol between your palms vibrating and melting with the reiki energy flowing from your hand. Choose which way that suit you.
  2. When there are other people around you, repeat Kotodama quietly, to prevent other people misunderstanding about symbol and Kotodama.
  3. After that, repeat it in your mind when you send Reiki energy to other people, imagine that Kotodama spreads inside your body and echoes deep inside your mind. Feel the universal energy tuned to the symbol and Kotodama. As you use it with pleasure, the energy becomes more and more powerful.

Practical application:

  • When feel something bad in a location use it to purify it.
  • Purify you food and drink and energy it to make it healthier.
  • Bring back your energy and mood after going to hospital or funeral
  • Use it to protect your from traffic accident
  • When put money in the wallet
  • Avoid credit card misuse by using this symbol
  • Use this symbol when writing checks and bill, you won’t write wrong numbers
  • You may use this symbol to pray for a weather change
  • For self protection (Send the symbol in front and behind and right and left.Or spin your body counterclockwise sending the symbol into four directions.)
  • Motivate yourself by giving Reiki and this symbol on your forehead.
  • Bring back a good relationship with some one
  • Accomplish your positive desire, any negative desires will automatically rejected.
  • For missing things and things left behind
  • Give Reiki and this symbol on your forehead when you forget something important.
  • This symbol may protect you during business transactions and dealing fixed properties
  • Prior to business activities send Reiki for an area or a direction
  • Gifts, greetings and business cards need to be charged with this energy to strengthened a good relationship.
  • When purifying rooms and buildings; send the symbols into each corner.

If you want to understand more the Cho Ku Rei reiki power symbol, you click this Big Book of Reiki Symbols, The, your reiki study will be deepen.Therefore this symbol symbolizes: