Energies in Reiki

As we familiar with Reiki practices, we discover that there are people claimed to channel new types of Reiki energy, with more attributes than the traditional ones. Some people claim their new found Reiki is stronger, quicker in healing process, or more spiritual in nature.

Reiki Energies

So, are there more than one Reiki energies in the universe? Off course not, there is only one Universal consciousness in the universe but with many different manifestations.
As for Reiki energies, Sensei Usui, once taught his students to progress in meditation practices and develop strong spiritual habits. He even pointed out that, when you make progress in your spiritual life, your healing energy is getting stronger therefore you can heal faster.

Reiki can appear to us with any form that we like. It could be warm, cold, or tingling or any sensations that can be sensed. The true is, Reiki has no form at all, our mind and inner nature act as filter and giving it form.


Only one thing common within any form of Reiki energies which is giving the feeling as the feeling of welcomed, loved, understanding and protection. It is like we are hugged by our true parents in their love and protection.

When a practitioner has advanced in spirituality, he/she may found that their Reiki energy is shifting toward greater energy frequency.
That’s why they feel their new found Reiki energy have more healing effect.

Reiki Attunements

However, it is not meant that they have found new Reiki, but they have advanced in their spiritual progress. So their capacity and quality to receive Reiki energy also getting bigger and finer. What they experienced can be transferred to others using attunements process.
Their students may advance quicker than before when receive their attunements. If you get attunements from a newly trained Reiki master, you may find that their Reiki energy is different with those who already practicing and teaching Reiki for years. Teachers with a lot of experience in Reiki and spirituality may help you advance further.

I believe it is depending on your readiness to accept Reiki with higher power and quality. When you ready the teacher will appear. Do not worry, if your Reiki seems not powerful as others because in time your Reiki energy is getting powerful