Reiki and Buddhism

Last updated on March 1st, 2021 at 03:54 pm

In Sensei Usui time, learning Reiki was intended to deepened spiritual insights within. Therefore what Sensei gave to his students probably rich with spiritual practices such as meditations, chantings, and prayings. His religion was not Christian, and whoever said that he was a Christian were probably trying to hide Sensei identity to make Reiki practices better accepted in the west at that time.

When Sensei Usui, learned that in the universe exist Reiki, he was in the middle of practicing Zen meditation with fasting on Kurama mountain. Undoubtedly, what he taught to his pupils was based on what he learned in Buddhism.

Even, his motivation to teach Reiki was helping people to reach enlightened state, a state of perfect harmony with the universe-a Buddhism term.

Buddhism and its connection to Reiki

First of all, when we get attunement for the first time, we are told that we are connecting to the universal energy. In fact, we are just being reminded that we are belong to one consciousness and one energy field though different in vibrations.

The harmonious energy in Reiki is similar with Buddhism term of Upeka ( a state of balance mind and emotion), when we attuned with Reiki, we are not just attuned to Reiki energy, but also to a balance state of consciousness.In balance, everything get healed.

Cho Ku Rei Symbol

Second, Cho ku Rei symbol in Okuden level, means focus. In Buddhism, there is a practice called shamata bhavana, it is a practice to train our concentration. Without proper concentration, we can’t reach balance, because balance or harmonious thought appear only in one single pointed mind concentration.

Sei He Ki Symbol

Now Sei he ki, in Buddhist culture, the symbol Sei He Ki looks like the seed syllable “Hri”. A syllable used to represent Bodhisattva Chen Re Zig or Avalokitesvara who also represent universal compassion.

I understand Sei He Ki as deeper understanding about what is balance state of mind. As everything in the universe are moving, nothing is at rest, balance also means flowing with exact rhythm with the universe.

Apart from common understanding that balance means standstill and not moving.In motion, everything resolve, sadness, grief, attachment and fear, are signs that our minds not flowing. Therefore, this symbol teach our mind to vibrate with the rhythm of the universe.

Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen Symbol

The last, Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen symbol taught about the core consciousness of everything is one. It is like the sun that energize every living thing on earth. Therefore it is connected with fire element and the sun. But it represents more than just a sun, it is the life energy itself which the source of the universe.

In Buddhism, it represent Amitabha Buddha, the Buddha of infinite light. I heard, that Hiroshi Doi sensei told some of his students, that Dai Ko Myo is not needed in traditional Reiki, because it taught the same thing from different angle with Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen symbol.