Reiki Can Relieve Pain, Provide Relaxation

Reiki has proved its worth in relieving pain and providing deep relaxation.

Reiki, an energy healing technique that originated in Japan in the late nineteenth century and that has become popular worldwide. It has proved its worth in relieving pain and providing deep relaxation.

This technique allows the practitioner to channel universal life energy from the universe through the practitioner’s hands and into the recipient. Where it can assist in healing the body and supporting emotional well being.

Reiki Treatment

The Reiki treatment itself is ordinarily a pleasant experience. The recipient either lies on a massage table or bed or sits in a chair while the practitioner lays both hands on or slightly above the body. Then moving through a series of hand positions over the various chakras, or energy centers, in the body.

The process is relaxing and non-invasive; the recipient may feel an effect immediately, or over the course of the next few days.

Reiki a Treatment for all symptoms

Recipients have reported positive results ranging from pain relief to alleviation of symptoms of migraine. And even multiple sclerosis; cancer patients have reported a major lessening in chemotherapy-related nausea.

While the practice should never be utilized instead of conventional medical treatment, it can provide an immense benefit in conjunction with standard medical care.

To find a Reiki practitioner, check out ads in local newspapers and in the many free alternative healing magazines available in most areas. Even better, think of taking Reiki training itself; it’s not expensive, and each level of Reiki training can be learned in a weekend.