Reiki distance healing methods

Last updated on March 11th, 2019 at 01:37 am

Some Reiki Masters claim to be able to focus Reiki energy from distant locations.  A few claim to be able to do this from other cities, other states, and even other countries.  It is relatively rare when a Master can truly attain this level of focus, but all Reiki Masters can focus Reiki energy from across a room.

Sometimes there are reasons why the Master can’t perform the hand positions on a recipient.  This may be due to contagious illnesses, being separated physically (as in jailed or restrained individuals), or because the recipient is not receptive to being touched by the Master.  For example, autistic individuals may not be able to deal with being in such close proximity with the Master, and pets may not be able to be near people if they are aggressive.

There are two main techniques that are used to send Reiki energy across distances.  The eyes and the breath can be used to direct the energy from the hands to another location.  This can be accomplished with nearby individuals, but some Reiki Masters can project the energy over great distances using these techniques.

Gyosi Ho Reiki

Gyosi Ho is the method of healing by using the eyes.  First, you should stare gently at the individual you wish to connect with.  If you can’t do this in person, you can gaze at a full body photograph of the individual.  The photograph should ideally be full body so that you can do the next part of the treatment.

Next, you should move your gaze to the part of the body where you would normally place your hands for treatment.  Allow the Reiki energy to flow from your eyes by visualizing the appropriate symbols and imagining the symbols slowing out to the recipient.

Once you have finished staring intently at the area receiving treatment, you should return your eyes to a gentle stare before moving on to stare intently at the next area to receive treatment.

Koki Ho Reiki

Koki Ho is the practice of healing with the breath.  First, you should meditate in order to prepare your body to channel the energy.  Breathe in and bring your breath into your hara, your belly.

Now imagine the symbol you wish to use.  You may wish to use your tongue to draw it on the roof of your mouth.  As you slowly exhale, blow the symbol out toward the part of the body that is to receive treatment.  Imagine the symbol containing the Reiki energy being blown directly into the recipient’s body at the point your hands would normally be.  Continue this until all parts of the body that were in need of healing have been treated.