Reiki Self Healing

Last updated on May 11th, 2021 at 11:01 am

When you learned the basic of Reiki and learned the basic principles of Chi energy and the chakra system in the human body you can start with self healing.

The Reiki hand positions for self treatment are the foundation for all other Reiki positions. This said there must always be room for an intuitive treatment process. If you feel that you want to place your hand on a position that is not on of the reiki hand positions than feel free to do so. See the Reiki hand positions as a general guideline for the most common blockages but always use your feeling to guide you to have the most effective treatment.

This also means that you can change the order of the hand-positions, skip positions or repeat them.

Reiki Self Healing Treatment

The first degree is all  about getting the basics right and finding your own way of Reiki treatment, after all it’s your energy.

There is no real wrong way of Reiki treatment, when you place your hands and focus on directing the energy it will flow to where it’s needed the most. You can place your hands too long or too short but when you follow the basics hand positions the Chi (energy) in body will get  balanced. It’s up to the Reiki practitioner to find the confidence the treatment, and the only way you will maximize the effect of the treatment is if you practice on yourself.

When a certain hand-position is for example difficult to reach you skip it and go tot he next position. For example is you want to heal an area on your back and it’s challenging to reach that area when moving your arms and legs then focus on that are on the front side of your body. You want to avoid crossing your arms and legs too much, this will block the energy flow.

The basic instruction of Reiki treatment is to place your hands on the area that needs healing and focus on directing your energy tot hat area. It would be optimal if you can do the complete Reiki treatment but if that’s not possible, do what you can.

A Reiki treatment start from the head all the way to the feet on the front side of the body and then is directed from head to feet from the backside of the body.

Reiki Self Healing Hand Positions

The first three positions are directed to the head.


Reik Self Healing Handposition 1

Hand Position 1

In the first position you place your hands slightly bend without pressure on the eyes.

Hold this position until you feel the energy is starting to slow down, this is usually after a couple of minutes.

This position balances the left- and right brain which is very effective for headaches and tensions on the eyes. It also covers the forehead and third eye chakra.

Reiki Self Healing Hand Position 2

Reiki Self Healing Hand Position 2

Hand Position 2

The second position is when the hands are placed on the sides of the head.

The hands are placed on each side with the thumb just below thee ears and the palm on the cheeks.Keep the hands again until you feel that the energy cycle is complete.

Placing the hands in this position feels very natural for most people. An great treatment for pressure on the head, headaches, discomfort in the jaws, mouth and ears.

Hand Position 3

Reiki-Self Healing Hand Position 3

Reiki Self Healing Hand Position 3

Position three is the same as position 1 but then on the backside of the head. The hands are placed slightly bend and placed at the level of the occipital bone.

When it’s difficult to place both hands then use one at a time. The same method, keep your hand(s) on this position for a couple of minutes.

This area covers the crown chakra, third eye and causale body.

Hand Position 4

Reiki Self Healing Hand Position 4

Reiki Self Healing Hand Position 4

The forth hand position is placed on the throat, where the throat meets the collarbone(4).

This may cause anxiety for some, when that is the case place the hands on the collarbone.

When treating other people best practice is to place the hand beneath the thoat centre(4A).

This position is focussed on the throat-chakra which is located in the V of the collarbone.

Hand Position 5

Reik Self Healing Hand Position 5

Reiki Self Healing Hand Position 5

The fifth position is only used on self treatment where the hand is positioned on the hart.

Place the hands on the chest or sternum or breastbone  if a treatment is needed.

Hand Position 6

Reik Self Healing Hand Position 6

Reiki Self Healing Hand Position 6

The sixth position is located at the solar plexus. Place the hands with the fingers pointing to each other on the lower ribs, just below the chest.

With self-treatment the left hand is positioned at the height of the pancreas, spleen and stomach. The right hand is at the level of the gallbladder and liver.

Here we cover a large area with many organs, this may cause some rumbling and you may want to take your time covering these areas. Take the time after each energy-session so that the solar plexus and all the organs can balance the energy.

Hand Position 7

Reik Self Healing Hand Position 7

Reiki Self Healing Hand Position 7

Keep your hands in the same horizontal position and move them slightly vertical downwards the centre of the stomach.

Hand Position 8

Reiki Self Healing Hand Position 8

Reiki Self Healing Hand Position 8

Again keep the hands in the same position and move them downwards to the area of the pelvis.

This is where the sacral chakra is located.

Hand Position 9

Reiki Self Healing Hand Position 9

Reiki Self Healing Hand Position 9

Below this position we arrive at the pubis and the lower part of the belly at the level of the root-chakra(9). With self healing you can cover the genital area (9A).

For women this position treats the energy of the bladder, ovaries and uterus and the bladder and testicles on the male body.

These positions covered the upper part of the body. Hand Position 10 to 20 cover the lower body, these are not traditional Reiki hand positions but we will cover them.