Usui Reiki Symbols

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The practice of Reiki has been associated with three powerful symbols, which are popularly known as the Usui Reiki Symbols. These symbols are meant to be confidential and are only revealed to students who are about to be initiated into Reiki II and Reiki III. As an important part of Reiki practice, these symbols help Reiki practitioners to focus their Life’s force energy for a specific purpose.

The origin of these symbols can be traced back to Zen Buddhism. It is generally believed that Dr. Usui may have adopted these symbols while still a Japanese Buddhist. The usefulness of these symbols can only be activated during Reiki attunement, which is usually a part of Reiki classes.

Before a Reiki attunement, students are asked to memorize the Reiki symbols after which they would proceed to attunement sessions proper. During attunement, metaphysical energies associated with each symbol descend on the students and enter into their minds to blend with the Reiki symbols in the student’s mind. The symbols from then on have effects on the subconscious mind of the student causing some degree of changes on the student’s internal state.

Originally, these symbols have been kept a secret until recently. The secrecy of these symbols is linked to the sacredness and other metaphysical reasons. Some others believe that the Reiki masters chose to keep these symbols as a secret just to introduce more people into taking the classes. However, the truth is that without attunement, these symbols are noting but written words. The Reiki symbols are meant to be a possible way of connecting to higher powers.
To understand what each Reiki symbol stands for, Let us now discuss in details the three Reiki symbols.

The three main Reiki symbols

There are three main symbols in Reiki, which have been in existence since the inception of these practice. However, some Reiki masters have included their own symbols in their unique practice, but the three main symbols that is recognized across all Reiki practitioners are namely Choku Rei (Power Symbol), Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen (Distance Symbol) and Sei He Ki (Mental/Emotional Symbol). We shall be discussing these symbols, meaning, functions, and significance individually in the following paragraphs.

Choku Rei (Power Symbol):

The original meaning of Choku Rie is “place the power of the universe here”. The power symbol can be used in two different ways. First use is to improve the power of Reiki, while the second use is for protection. This is why most Reiki masters see it as a light that can boost their ability to channel Reiki energy.

To access the power of Cho Ku Rei, you have to visualize or draw the symbol, when this is done, you will have access to Reiki healing energy. Nevertheless, this energy is more pronounced when all the symbols are used together. It is customary to use the Cho Ku Rei symbol at the beginning of a healing session to increase the Reiki energy and after the session to seal of the Reiki energy. However, it can also be used at any time depending on your convenience.

Cho Ku Rei functions mainly as a power switch, but can be deployed to function in other capacity depending on your intention. However, you need to set the intentions right so that the purpose of the function would be very clear.
In drawing the power symbol, it is originally suppose to follow an anticlockwise pattern. However, you can draw this symbol clockwise if that suits you because there is no right or wrong way of drawing this symbol; it is your intention that matters. The vertical line in the power symbol represents the energy flow, the horizontal line symbolizes Reiki source, while the spiral represents the seven Chakras.

Attributes of Reiki symbol Cho Ku Rei

In addition to the functions we have discussed above, there are other significant functions of the power symbol, which are harnessed by drawing the Cho Ku Rei.

  • The Power symbol functions as a light switch that increases healing abilities. To achieve this, you will draw the power symbol on your hands or in front of you.
  • By drawing the symbol on the spot being treated, you will focus the Reiki energy directly on that spot.
  • When it is drawn before drawing the other symbols, it increases the power of the other symbols.
  • When it is drawn above the body, it functions to seal the healing process.
  • It can be used to energize a room by drawing it on the walls. This would also cleanse the room of all negative energy.
  • It can be used to clean objects and crystals and restore them to their original state.
  • By visualizing the image with the intention of being protected from the negative energy coming from the people you treat, it works effectively in protecting you.

You can also add your own intuition or imaginations to these ones listed above. All that matters is your intentions for drawing the Choku Rei.

Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen (Distance Symbol):

The original meaning of Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen is “No past, no present and no future”. It is taken to be the most important Reiki symbol because it can be used to send energy over a distance. It functions irrespective of time and distance, and can be used to gain access to the Akashic records, which keeps all the life records of each soul.

It is also believed to be able to bring to light every karmic influence on a soul that emanates from the life beyond. Therefore, it is suitable for relieving traumas and other negative experience.

In carrying out distance healing, you need to be open likewise the beneficially. You do not need to focus your energy on a particular problem like in Power healing. The Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen works more on the chakras and the aura and may take a little while before sipping down into the receiver’s body.

This type of healing does not take much time, if the recipient has an open mind, he or she will definitely feel what you have done. This healing can also be programmed to repeat itself and keep sending energy to the recipient occasionally.

Attributes of Reiki symbol Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen

  • It is effective in healing people who are far away.
  • It can be directed to the future to prepare a way for the practitioner.
  • It can be used to access the past and relief trauma.
  • It usually reflects to other people when it is being done.
  • The recipient must not be physically available to receive the energy; it can be virtualized and sent.

Sei He Ki (Mental/Emotional Symbol)

This symbol has an original meaning which is god and man becomes one”. The symbol as can be seen from the image has two sides. The left side represent the left side of the brain used to logical, structural and lineal reasoning. It also has the right part, which represents the right side of the brain used for intuition, feeling and fantasy. The use of the two sides of the symbol helps to restore balance.
The Sei He Ki helps to balance the human brain and the body. The symbols is mostly used is bringing to surface the emotional and mental cause of a health problem so that is can easily be healed. It also helps to create a balance between the subconscious and the physical side.

Attributes of Reiki symbol Sei He Ki

  • This symbol is efficient in reducing bad habits such as alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, etc.
  • By drawing the symbol in front of you, it can be useful in finding lost things.
  • It helps to improve memory capacity when studying.
  • It is efficient in emotional and mental healing.
  • It gives balance to the brain thereby giving you peace and harmony.
  • It can be used to understand relationship problems and the best ways to solve them.
  • It has been recorded that the mental and emotional symbol has been used to heal problems like depression, fear, anger and sadness.

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